When does this season start?

Opening weekend is the first weekend after Labor Day. However, practices are currently underway so it is important to contact your potential coach immediately.

Is there any other extra equipment I need to buy my child?

Your registration fee covers everything your child will need to play the game of football except for cleats and an athletic supporter.

How much is the registration fee this year?

The 2021 season registration fee is $450. This covers all of the equipment needed (except for cleats and athletic supporter) as well as referee fees, insurance, league dues, certification fees, and buses.

Are there any extra costs besides registration?

Each year we go to training camp at the end of August. The cost of the camp will range between $300 to $350. All meals and transportation are included. All teams will be going except for Peanuts.

Where are practices and games held?

Our home field is Joseph Mafera Park. The park is located at 65th Place and Shaler Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens. This park is located on a dead end street with extremely limited parking. Double Parking and parking on the sidewalk is prohibited. If parents are found to be blocking traffic at this park, their child will be removed from the Queens Falcons program.

How long is the season?

Football season is year round. Player should always be working. Practices begin in the spring and games begin in fall. Each team will play between 8 and 10 regular season games. Playoffs consist or the first round followed by the Championship. The Championship is usually the week of or before Thanksgiving.

When are tryouts?

There are no tryouts. If you pay, you play. We do not turn away players for any reason. However, you have to earn your playing time. Coaches are under no obligation to let a child play. If players miss practice, don’t work hard, or don’t do the right thing in school, they will not play.

What is the refund policy?

Under no circumstances will refunds be issued, unless in the event of a cancelled season.